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CyberKnife® SBRT: Cutting Edge Treatment for Prostate Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is never something for which you can be prepared—and the stress of having to weigh treatment options only complicates things. However, knowing you have local access to breakthrough technology can give you comfort and confidence in your treatment journey.

The Urology Group – the region's only provider of CyberKnife SBRT exclusively for prostate cancer

Now prostate cancer patients across greater Cincinnati can benefit from the cutting edge technology of the CyberKnife® stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) system. CyberKnife SBRT delivers high doses of radiation with extreme accuracy through fewer treatments.

More than 90,000 patients around the world have been treated with the CyberKnife SBRT system.

  • Fewer treatments - typically 5 sessions
  • Can be completed in one week, not months
  • Non-invasive
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • High doses for better response
  • Minimal recovery time

The Urology Group offers one of the most advanced independent centers of excellence for urologic care in the country. We are the only group in the nation using CyberKnife SBRT exclusively for prostate cancer. This singular focus means our team of physicians and staff is specialized to deliver the best possible treatment for prostate cancer patients.

How CyberKnife SBRT works
Why CyberKnife SBRT?

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How CyberKnife WorksDespite the name, a non-invasive alternative for many patients.
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